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  • Creating A Presence Via Online Video

    04 April 2017
    Simon Lynch

    Aspiring recording artists looking to raise their profile know that social media is the most powerful promotional tool around.... Read more.

  • Cassettes are back! - Kiwi Bands Releasing on Cassette

    09 June 2016
    Simon Lynch

    Stebbings are once again manufacturing pre-recorded audio cassettes, with many younger bands finding it the new hip format.... Read more.

  • The Ultimate Demo

    05 May 2016
    Simon Lynch

    ‚ÄčOne surefire way to gain attention within the music business is to record the ultimate demo. Every successful artist in the world today began their recording careers by doing just that.... Read more.

  • His Masters Voice - Heavy Rock and Blues Band

    22 February 2016
    Robyn Welsh

    With their unique brand of heavy rock and blues, the four musicians from His Masters Voice have been back at the main studio recording and mixing three new tracks for inclusion in a vinyl release due out later this year. ... Read more.

  • 10 songs you won't be able to listen to the same way again

    15 January 2016
    Stebbing Recording Centre - full (original list) available at BuzzFeed

    This is serious stuff. The context/true intention for these 10 well-known songs may well change your life. ... Read more.

  • Scented inks, fluros and metallics, anyone?

    23 September 2015
    Stebbing Recording Centre - Graphics

    Some exciting ways you can make your CD or DVD stand out from the rest.... Read more.

  • Are your CDs all they're cracked up to be?

    15 August 2015
    Carolyn Stebbing - Contributor

    Contributor, Carolyn Stebbing; on the implications of poorly maunfactured CDs and DVDs for consumers.... Read more.

  • CD & DVD artwork design – tips and tricks

    04 June 2015

    A must-read if you're designing album artwork yourself... Read more.

  • Producing audio for TV and Radio

    05 May 2015
    Steve McGough - Senior Engineer

    Senior Engineer Steve McGough offers some tips and explains how he has created some pretty unusual SFX for his clients.... Read more.

  • Mastering Tips

    26 March 2015
    Simon Lynch - Mastering Engineer and Producer

    A guide by our in-house Mastering Engineer and Producer, Simon Lynch... Read more.