Encompassing recording studios, music labels, a CD and DVD manufacturing plant, a range of post-production services, media preservation technologies and more; Stebbing Recording Centre Ltd. is a one-stop shop for all your recording, mastering and manufacturing needs.

  • servc-icon-2.png Studios

    Since 1970, Stebbing Recording Centre’s iconic studios have played host to many international and local artists, including: the White Stripes, Hello Sailor, Kenny Rogers, Split Enz, Patsy Riggir and the Violent Femmes to name just a few.

    The three studios; including the largest, flagship recording room, Studio 1 have retained their retro charm and are stacked with a range of specialist analogue and digital equipment, as well as a vast array of top-quality microphones and instruments.

    The studios’ team of highly-skilled and passionate engineers have more than 100 years’ experience between them, and they have worked both locally and internationally in numerous mediums and genres. From large-scale choral productions, film, jazz, performance, and composition, through to electronic production and authoring for the likes of Fat Freddy’s Drop and Sol3 Mio. One of their senior engineers, Tony Moan, even got to work with The Beatles’ John, Paul and Ringo at Abbey Road in the late 1960s whilst he was living and working in London.

    The studios also act as a digital distributor for independent labels and artists – enabling artists to get their music up online for sale. 

  • servc-icon-1.png MANUFACTURING

    Stebbing Manufacturing Centre’s dedication to producing quality replicated CDs and DVDs is unrivalled in New Zealand. It is also home to the country’s only fully-integrated replication plant, with all stages of the DVD and CD manufacturing process carried out on site.

    Stebbing Manufacturing’s client list is vast, from small NZ businesses and independents through to major record labels and corporate companies, both in NZ and abroad.

    Due to the boutique nature of the family-run plant, Stebbings is able to offer true service to its clients. They know their customers by name, not order number and being based in New Zealand can offer speedy turn-around times and flexibility where required.

    Top-notch security is another thing the company has a strong reputation for. With all parts of the manufacturing process carried out locally and on the one site there is no risk of media leaks for SRC clients. 

  • servc-icon-4.png label

    The Zodiac label, first established over 60 years ago back in 1950, has been described as the most important record label to have set up shop in New Zealand.

    Along with record labels TANZA, Viking and Allied International; the Stebbing and Zodiac labels were there at the beginning of a New Zealand-owned recording industry, which has exploded in the decades since.

    Zodiac was the first NZ label to have an identity outside the nation, as well as the first to release an international No.1, with Ray Columbus & The Invaders’ ‘She’s a Mod’ (1964), in Australia.

    The Zodiac catalogue is filled with iconic NZ singles and songs that have become part of the national landscape, such as: ‘Gutter Black’ (Hello Sailor), ‘Beautiful Lady’ (Patsy Riggir), ‘I Need Your Love’ (Golden Harvest) and more.

  • servc-icon-3.png Post Production

    In addition to their manufacturing, recording and aggregation offerings; Stebbings is fully equipped to provide a range of expert video and post production services. These include: optimization of video content for output to both traditional and digital mediums, such as: DVD and Blu-Ray, iTunes, YouTube and Spotify; authoring services, video mastering, transcoding, encoding, format conversions and more.