The Ultimate Demo

05 May 2016
Simon Lynch

One surefire way to gain attention within the music business is to record the ultimate demo. Every successful artist in the world today began their recording careers by doing just that.

The ultimate demo gives capable music industry personnel the immediacy to determine the two most crucial factors - quality of the song and quality of vocal performance – just by listening to any budding artist’s well-produced recording.

There is plenty to gain for any potential artist touting a great demo recording. This demo can confidently be presented to music industry professionals, promoters, record companies, song publishers, advertising agencies, as well as being made available for sale as a digital download.

Here are some guidelines to creating the ultimate demo:

Firstly the recording must always be of the highest standard possible with a performance to match.

The key person in ensuring a successful recording outcome is the producer, someone with wide-ranging musical tastes and industry experience to advise the correct approach to recording.

For example, a top quality piano-and voice-only demo will likely create more interest and have more emotional impact than a full backing track.

Debunking one popular misconception, recording the ultimate demo is actually not an expensive exercise.

A top notch guitar-and-voice recording of perhaps half a dozen songs may for example cost as little as $600. Or a singer utilising a pre-existing backing track can record their vocals then both tracks (vocal and backing) can be seamlessly mixed together to create outstanding results.

Here at Stebbing we specialise in recording the ultimate demos, with several success stories of both established and up-and-coming artists creating platforms to launch careers as recording artists by recording the ultimate demo in our studios.

Anyone looking to record the ultimate demo – singers or instrumentalists of any age, songwriters, bands and ensembles, in any genre of music from classical to pop – should contact us at Stebbings.

We’ll be happy to discuss how best to record your ultimate demo!


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