Stebbing Recording Centre is committed to running a sustainable business and the company actively employs measures that help reduce any negative impact on the environment.

The company is 100% locally owned and operated and it contributes to the New Zealand economy as a manufacturer, exporter and employer

Every step of the production process is managed in-house in Auckland, meaning carbon miles are significantly reduced

All reject discs are shredded and recycled in what staff call “the crusher”. The material is then shipped back to China where it is used in the manufacture of other recycled products. All other plastic waste is recycled wherever possible

Stebbing produces its own distilled water from its on-site plant for use in the manufacture of stampers and for cooling the injection moulding lines and the printing equipment. The use of distilled water helps to minimise the need to maintenance such machinery

All cardboard boxes are either reused in the SRC plant or recycled.

Recycling unwanted CDs and DVDs

SRC can recycle small quantities of CDs and DVDs supplied to them, provided these are replicated. They do not accept duplicated ('burnt') discs or CD-Rs/DVD-Rs as these contain a green or blue photo-resist layer which their recycling facility is unable to process.

To find out more about recycling your unwanted bulk CDs and DVDs with Stebbing, contact the team.

Packaging components

While the centre does not accept paper booklets, inlays or cases from external parties for recycling, they do strongly encourage you to recycle these where possible. Check with your local council as to whether they can accept your paper and case components for recycling (plastic cases will be marked with either PP or PS). Alternatively, try the yellow pages or internet to source a company that specialises in PP or PS plastic recycling.