Cassettes are back! - Kiwi Bands Releasing on Cassette

09 June 2016
Simon Lynch

Stebbings are once again manufacturing pre-recorded audio cassettes.

Cassettes make an intriguing, novel and fun way to distribute new music and many younger bands are finding cassette tapes to be a hip new format, with fans discovering the hardware exists already within their vehicles.

Cassettes made for a convenient format when Stebbings first began specializing in cassette duplication back in 1974. In the early Eighties, Sony introduced the “Walkman”, thus ushering in the very first generation of portable wearable sound devices.

Meantime HiFi versions within home stereo systems offered Dolby noise reduction that made for thrilling audio quality. As tape quality and duplication systems were upgraded, Stebbing stayed abreast of technology and remained the premium supplier of cassettes within NZ and the Pacific regions.

At production peak in the years just prior to the 21st century, Stebbings produced around 2 million cassettes annually.

Here in 2016 Stebbings cassette manufacturing factory remains intact and in top-notch condition. And for those wishing to utilise this unique facility (with a minimum run 100 units) please call us : Stebbing Recording, on 09 3762426 or email