Stebbing Manufacturing Centre has been producing quality replicated CDs and DVDs since 1999.

Located in central Auckland, it is the only fully-integrated replication plant in the country, with all stages of the DVD and CD manufacturing process carried out on-site.

The plant has the ability to master, manufacture and package approximately 40,000 CDs and DVDs per day. This means a client can literally walk in with a finished master and artwork in the morning and pick up the finished product in the afternoon. This total on-site service means clients have the ability to check on the progress of their job at any stage throughout the process. This includes the ability to QC the final master before going in to full production.

The customer can also rest assured that their product is in the safest of hands – being seen/handled solely by SRC staff and never leaving the building until 100% complete and ready for pick up/distribution.

Every disc within the plant’s facility is manufactured on-site from tiny polycarbonate granules and pressed into an exact clone of the original master, rather than being duplicated or ‘burnt’ onto an existing disc. This replication process, as distinct from duplication, results in superior audio quality, visual quality and durability.

The creation of CDs and DVDs from start to finish is somewhat of a science. Stebbings manufactures to industry standard guidelines and processes that are defined in the international Red and White books' specifications. To do so requires highly-specialised equipment and engineers specifically trained in recording, mastering, authoring and replication. Stebbings' manufacturing facility comprises more than $25 million worth of equipment operated and maintained by its on-site technical staff.

Its dedicated, passionate team across the entire process means Stebbings offers a top-quality local service that you can trust.

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