Creating A Presence Via Online Video

04 April 2017
Simon Lynch

Aspiring recording artists looking to raise their profile know that social media is the most powerful promotional tool around.

You Tube, Facebook and Instagram are key social media tools among savvy creatives. The smart musicians among them know that their music posted on any of these platforms has a far great chance of discovery if delivered with compelling visuals.

The higher the quality; the greater the impact; the bigger the profile; the more successful the artist.

That’s the winning formula and here’s where the team at Stebbings comes in.

Our creatives and engineers will work alongside you to build your profile and boost your brand, putting visuals alongside your best audio for maximum brand awareness.

Producing a quality online video to accompany your recordings is one option. Creating a customised You Tube channel is another.

Here’s what we mean: Last year Stebbing’s recorded singer Sue Johnson in Studio One. This year, looking to push her profile, she engaged our services to build her own customised You Tube channel, and to produce a You Tube-style debut video for her recording of “The Book Of Love”.

Sue supplied us with a batch of professional photographs on USB stick. From this 10 black and white photos were selected to produce the HD quality video.

Take a look at what we have achieved by just clicking on the link below.

As you have just seen, Sue’s new You Tube channel entitled “Sue Johnson Sings” has given her an opportunity to showcase her talent.

She can share her music across other social media platforms, liaise directly with fans and take media and booking enquiries.

Give us a call here at Stebbings to discuss how we can help further your online presence!