Mastering is the vital, final step in the recording process. Here final adjustments are made to the audio – ensuring the end product sounds as it was intended; for the artist, the engineers, the device/s it’s to be played on, and the listeners. It is at this stage that any inconsistencies or errors in tone, levels, and/or minor flaws in the recording are corrected. The final track order, gaps between tracks and track IDs are also set and ISRC information is added for worldwide digital verification.

The Stebbing team have mastered thousands of projects over their time, with the studios welcoming artists as diverse as Russian cellist, Alexander Ivashkin, Anika Moa, The Mint Chicks, Helen Medlyn, Kids of 88, The Howard Morrison Quartet, 8 Foot Sativa and Midge Marsden amongst numerous others. Major labels; EMI, Warners and Universal also use Stebbing for a bulk of their mastering and as such the Stebbing team’s experience mastering high-profile commercial compilations is second to none.

Gear highlights                                                                       

  • Sonic Solutions DAW software
  • D/A and A/D conversion by Apogee
  • Mytek and Sonic Solutions
  • JBC and Altec monitoring                                                                               
  • Custom Stebbing-built equipment