Scented inks, fluros and metallics, anyone?

23 September 2015
Stebbing Recording Centre - Graphics

The packaging of a product influences what we think of the contents inside – whether it be the cover of a magazine, the jacket of a book, the wrapper of a new chocolate bar or even the way a person is dressed!

It’s no different with a CD or DVD, and the great news is that there’s so many exciting ways you can make your disc artwork an extension of the customer experience. Read on to find out about a whole bunch of artwork and printing techniques at your disposal.


Just like a UV gloss in printing, overgloss on a CD face can be used to create dramatic textural finishes. Want to make a pool of water on your artwork shimmer like real? Or perhaps you’d like the title text to stand out from the matt artwork without changing any colours. Overgloss is the perfect way to achieve subtle contrasts in texture, bringing artwork to life just that little bit more. Consider also using the CD itself as a canvas – areas of the reflective surface can be left blank for effect.

Metallics & Fluoros

A new metallic range is available that takes printing beyond the usual aluminium, gold and brushed copper tones. A metallic base can now be tinted by another colour to create a striking print result. This can also be teamed with an overgloss to create a ‘foil’ effect.

Scented Inks

An exciting technique that gives your product that special ‘something’, adding to the user experience. Like a scratch ‘n’ sniff panel in a magazine, fragrance is released when the printed surface is rubbed. There’s no limit on the imagination when it comes to fragrant inks – think freshly cut grass, aromatic spices or a mechanic’s workshop.

Heat-sensitive Inks

Remember those crazy stickers from your childhood that changed appearance when you held your thumb over them? Heat sensitive inks work in exactly the same way, and can be used to create fantastic effects on your artwork, as well as interaction and engagement with your product.

Pit patterns

The difference with this technique is that it is applied to the underside of the disc. The data ‘pits’ on a CD or DVD can be arranged into patterns. Consider adding your company name, logo or related imagery to enhance the brand experience.

If you’re interested in utilising any of the above techniques, please contact our sales team who can answer any queries you may have.